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What is ZCore Crypto?

ZCore was born out of a desire to create a cryptocurrency that is truly accessible to everyone and revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. We believe that a truly useful currency is one that is easily used by anyone.

For this, we created an innovative Blockchain Services Platform, offering several applications for ZCore Cryptocurrency within ZCore Central:

ZCore Ads
ZCore Ads

Mobile advertising plugin in mobile applications with automated payment through ZCore cryptocurrency. Already impacting more than 15 Million users monthly.

ZCore Masternodes System
ZCore Masternodes System

The complete platform for your Masternode. Fast Install MN + VPS + Dashboard + Monitoring + Multiple Coins + Notifications (everything for $2.99/month pay in crypto).

ZChat - The ZCore Crypto Communicator
ZChat - The ZCore Crypto Communicator

The world`s first messenger communicator with multiple coins portfolio. We have created a global communication platform for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts.

ZCore APP Wallet
ZCore APP Wallet

The smart wallet revolution of cryptocurrency on your iOS and Android smartphone. Send and receive ZCore in a simple, uncomplicated way and in the palm of your hand.

ZCore Payments

Payments API to facilitate the purchase of products and services online with cryptocurrency. An extremely easy method for your site or application to receive payments on ZCore.

ZCore Governance

Resource fund in cryptocurrency ZCore with a platform for making proposals, voting and execution of independent projects related to the coin`s development.

The ZCore Crypto Communicator
The world`s first messenger communicator with multiple coins wallet. We have created a global communication platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Blockchain Technology

ZCore (ZCR) is 100% open source, with PoW (Proof-of-Work) mining based on the Lyra2z algorithm and maximum supply of 18 million coins. Structured in a robust network with Masternodes and reward of 10 ZCR per mined block every 90 seconds.

Fast and Safe

ZCore is a cryptocurrency with a secure network to perform online transactions via InstantSend and PrivateSend with maximum speed and security.

Mining by GPU, CPU and Pools

ZCore is a cryptocurrency without pre-mining or ICO, ASICs resistant, with decentralized development and mining by GPU, CPU and Mining Pools.

Technical Information

Official name: ZCORE
Ticker: ZCR
Algorithm: Lyra2z / PoW
Maximum Supply: 18 million
Reward per block: 10 ZCR
Block time: 90 seconds
Diff Retargeting: Dark Gravity Wave(v3)
Halving: 4% for every 394,200 blocks (~ 1 year)
Masternode Collateral: 5,000 ZCR
Block Reward Distribution: 50% Miners / 50% Masternodes
Availability of InstantSend and PrivateSend
Governance: October/2018

GitHub Access Mine Explorer Bitcointalk Ann


  • Sprint 1 - Release


    Creation of the first Block ✔
    Disclosure to the Community ✔
    Mining Start ✔
    Wallets Desktops ✔
    Wallet in the Telegram ✔
    BOT in the Telegram ✔
    Block Explorer ✔

  • Sprint 2


    ✔ Official Pool and Multiple Mining Pools
    ✔ Listing in Exchanges (Crex24 and Graviex)
    ✔ Listing in CoinLib
    ✔ Airdrops via ZapZap App
    ✔ Advertising with Youtubers
    ✔ P2P Catalog Listing
    ✔ Masternodes Activation
    ✔ InstantSend and PrivateSend Activation
    ✔ Listing in Livecoins

  • Sprint 3


    Listing in ✔
    BOT Telegram Redesign ✔
    Advertising in Bitconf ✔
    Advertising in ZChat App ✔
    ZCore Forum Launch ✔
    New Block Explorer ✔

  • Sprint 4


    ✔ Exchange Mercado ZCore with pair BRL/ZCR
    ✔ Launch of Wallet ZCore App (Android and iOS)
    ✔ Launch of ZCore Network
    ✔ Listing in NodeSupply Masternodes

  • Sprint 5


    Listing on MasternodeCoins ✔
    Listing in Exchange NewCash ✔
    ZCore Masternodes System (ZMS) ✔
    Launch of Masternodes Website ✔
    Inclusion of First Coins in ZMS ✔

  • Sprint 6


    ✔ New Site Launch
    ✔ New Roadmap/Whitepaper Launch
    ✔ ZMS Management at Bot Telegram & Discord
    ✔ Listing in Troca Ninja Exchange
    ✔ Listing in Altmarkets Exchange
    ✔ Team Expansion
    ✔ Launch new Wallet Desktop
    ✔ Launch ZChat Crypto Communicator site
    ✔ Listing in CoinMarketCap
    ✔ Listing in Kompler Exchange

  • Sprint 7


    Fork to Lyra2z Algorithm ✔
    Payment API Script ✔
    National Event Sponsorship ✔
    Payment of Bills, Tickets and Cellular Recharge ✔
    Shared Masternodes Management System ✔
    Listing in Exchange ✔
    ZCore Ads Site Launch ✔
    Release of Governance website ✔

  • Sprint 8


    ✔ Decentralized Governance
    ✔ Rewards Changes: 45% Masternode / 45% Miner / 10% Governance
    ✔ Coin Voting for ZChat Crypto Communicator
    ✔ Add ZChat Crypto project in Governance

  • Sprint 9


    Sponsorship of National Event ✔
    Inclusion in Exchange International ✔
    Partnership with P2P Investors ✔
    ZChat Videos and Screens ✔

  • Sprint 10


    ✔ Final Tests in ZChat Crypto Communicator
    ✔ Marketing Campaigns

  • Sprint 11


    Release ZChat - The ZCore Crypto Communicator ✔
    Listing in Decentralized Exchange ✔
    Releasing of Extended Roadmap 2019 ✔


Wallet Mobile

Check balance, prices and transfer ZCR with increased usability.

@ZCoreBot Telegram

The smart wallet revolution of cryptocurrency on your iOS and Android smartphone.

ZCore APP Wallet

Wallet Desktop (v1.6.3)

Use your computer to connect to the pool and mine ZCR on your own.

Windows (64 bits)
Windows (32 bits)
Wallet Linux
Wallet MacOS


ZCore Mining Pools


ZCore Masternodes

ZCore is structured in a robust network with Masternodes that work as always active servers responsible for validating and accelerating transactions on the network, which are rewarded with 50% of the mined coins in each block, which makes them a investment option.

In order to have a Masternode, it is necessary to keep 5,000 ZCores in an own wallet linked to the Masternode and server with fixed IP.
Rewards: 50% of the mined blocks
Requirements: 5,000 ZCR and Fixed IP
See in
Join ZCore Masternodes System



10.05 ZCR

Daily Rewards

301.64 ZCR

Monthly Rewards

603.11 USD

Masternode Price




Join ZCore Network to share ideas and knowledge with people from around the world and help growing the cryptocurrency.
Forum ZCore Network


Buy and sell ZCR in Exchanges.

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Meet Our Core Team

Erick Costa
ZCore Creator/Founder/Developer
ZapZap Messenger Creator & Developer
  10 millions of downloads
ZChat Messenger Creator & Developer
  7 millions of downloads
Otávio Lima
ZCore Cofounder & Business Development
ARbook App Creator & Founder
Inbox Media Creator & Founder
Digital Signage Brasil CEO
Silicon Valley Plug and Play Acceleration
Matheus Santos
ZCore Developer Back-end
C/C++ Programmer
Pascal Programmer

Our Advisors

Rafael Steinfeld
Legal Advisor
Bitwolf CEO
Investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Ozéias Pereira
Legal Advisor
Crypto market researcher and its legal and technological aspects.
Juarez Júnior
Governance Consulting